I am a Phd student and Instructor in Mathematics at Brandeis University.

I study geometric group theory with a focus on Artin groups and CAT(0) cube complexes. Ruth Charney is my advisor.

I also teach in the math department at Brandeis and am interested in innovative and evidence based pedagogy.

Contact info:

Office: Goldsmith 115

Office Hours: 4-5pm Mondays (Fall 2019)

Email: rmorriswright@brandeis.edu

CV: Click here

Current Teaching:

I am currently the TA for Professor Ruberman's MATH 151A: Introduction to Algebraic Topology (Graduate Level). If you have a question about the homework or the content of the course, please come by my office hours above, or email me for an appointment.

Diversity statement:

I firmly believe that anyone, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion can not only understand but find beauty, empowerment, and joy in mathematics. I am committed to making my office and classrooms safe spaces where everyone's questions are heard and everyone's ideas are respected.